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This program give interpreters access to peer-reviewed research articles about Deafness and the Deaf community in a variety of settings.  Over the 2018 calendar year, you will see grouping appear on the website in a variety of categories:  medical research, mental health research, and educational/linguistic studies.  

Each category has different "bundles" of 2-6 articles that are listed in the description.  When you register for a specific bundle, you will be sent the research articles, the RID paperwork for CEUs, and the worksheets to complete your work  via email.  

Participants answer a 1-page worksheet of questions about each article and then write a final reflection summarizing their learning from all the articles to complete the project.  Each bundle contains 28-35 pages of reading. (2-6 articles, depending on length).   You are also given a document called "How to Read a Research Article" to guide you and maximize your learning experience.

Each Bundle earns 0.45 Professional Studies CEUs or 4.5 clock hours for certificates
$55 per bundle



Choices available in the drop down menu:


Bundle #1: Deaf Patient Utilization & Health Care Literature in ASL for Interpreters

This bundle is a literature review of research done to examine how Deaf adults use the health care system differently than hearing adults, and looks at the effects of one clinic offering health literature in ASL for better accessibility and it's impact on health literacy.  (2 articles, 31 pages total)  $55,. 0.45 PS CEUs

Bundle #2: Deaf Patient Communication Barriers & Elderly Deaf Experiences for Interpreters

This bundle collects data from Deaf patients about their experiences, frustrations, and specific needs when working with hearing health care providers. One article is specifically from the Elderly Deaf patient perspective. (4 articles, 31 pages) $55, 0.45 PS CEUs

Bundle #3: The Deaf Patient-Hearing Doctor Relationship for Interpreters

These 5 short research articles describe the barriers Deaf patients see in establishing meaningful relationships with their doctors and providers, which, in turn, impacts how they use the health care system. (5 articles, 31 pages) $55, 0.45 PS CEUs

Bundles #4: Doctor Training & Research within the Deaf Community for Interpreters

These articles look at how we train physicians to be culturally competent when working with Deaf patients, and how to engage in ethical research practices within the Deaf community as hearing scientists. (4 articles, 30 pages) $55, 0.45 PS CEUs


Bundle #1: Examining Formal Semantics in Signed Languages for Interpreters

These two articles compare and contrast signed languages, including ASL, ISL, NS, and CSL with spoken languages to break down specific aspects of their grammatical structures. $55, 0.45 PS CEUs

Bundle #2: The Phonology of Signed Languages for Interpreters

This single article explores complex areas of sign language phonology, includes comparisons between ASL, BSL and Italian Sign Language with non-signing gestures.  This article will be the most value to those who have taken a formal ASL linguistics course. $55, 0.45 PS CEUs