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Our on-line interpreter book clubs are a way for professional interpreters to discuss relevant texts with colleagues across the country (and abroad), moderated and overseen by RID Sponsor: Ginevra Deianni.  Book clubs are 1 month long (4 weeks, specified), with a weekly guided reflection question to answer on-line.  Book is not included. Copyright laws require participants to purchase their own book at any authorized bookseller of their choice (Amazon, B&N, etc), in their preferred format.  Many books have an e-book option, and some are available for rental at your local library. There is no specific time to log on for this program - interpreters follow weekly deadlines for posting responses at their own pace to keep the group on track together, but flexibility & extensions are offered if needed.

Participants write a weekly reflection about the book we read through guiding questions posted to our discussion board, and respond to each other to create meaningful dialogue on the topic. We use Google Groups for our on-line discussion (you do not need to use a Gmail address to access Google Groups - any email will work)  CEUs are awarded at the end of each session upon successful completion.  All RID CEUs are overseen & administered by Ginevra Deianni, RID Sponsor.  To register for an upcoming bookclub, see below:

AUGUST BOOK CLUB: August 1 - 31, 2018

""Sign Safely, Interpret Intelligently" by: Dr Diane Gross

Taking care of your body is a primary professional responsibility in the field of interpreting. This month we read Dr Diane Gross’s book that reminds us we should not expect pain from our work as an inevitable outcome. Together we will explore ergonomic aspects of our signing styles, practice proper posture and incorporate Non Manual Markers and other aspects of ASL linguistics to decrease the impact of our work on our physical bodies. Participants will read the book as a guide, be given videos to watch around self-care techniques, practice activities to do each week, and create a self-care manifesto. Using Dr Gross’s “Interpreter Bill of Rights” as a guide, we will commit to high quality work without sacrificing our bodies on the altar of our beloved profession.

Book available at Amazon & Barnes & Noble (hard copy), and Stonybrookmedicine.edu & gitpages.Harrison.edu (download).

Registration open NOW through August 5, 2018

Upon registration, an invitation to join the closed discussion group and RID paperwork for CEUs.  Participants must purchase their own book (available at any book seller and/or local library of their choice).  

0.7 Professional Studies CEUs    /     Cost:  $82

All Book club selections earn RID Professional Studies CEUs.


Upcoming Sessions:

September: "Alone in the Mainstream" by: Gina Oliva

Fall-Winter 2018:

  • "Reading Between the Signs" by: Anna Mindess
  • "Shouting Won't Help" by: Katherine Bouton
  • "Monique & The Mango Rains" by: Kris Holloway
  • "Seeing Language in Sign" by: Jane Maher
  • "Spirit Catches You & You Fall Down" by: Anne Fadiman
  • "Deaf Plus: A Deaf Perspective" by: Kathee Christensen