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Our on-line interpreter book clubs are a way for professional interpreters to discuss relevant texts with colleagues across the country (and abroad), moderated and overseen by RID Sponsor: Ginevra Deianni.  Book clubs are 1 month long (4 weeks, specified), with a weekly guided reflection question to answer on-line.  Participants purchase their own book upon registration at any bookseller of their choice, in their preferred format: many books have an e-book option, and some are available for rental at your local library. There is no specific time to log on - interpreters follow weekly deadlines for posting responses at their own pace to keep the group on track together, but flexibility & extensions are offered if needed. Participants write a weekly reflection about the book we read through guiding questions posted to our discussion board, and respond to each other to create meaningful dialogue on the topic. We use Google Groups as our format (all email address work with google groups - not only gmail addresses).   CEUs are awarded at the end of each session upon successful completion.  All RID CEUs are overseen & administered by Ginevra Deianni, RID Sponsor.

To register for an upcoming bookclub, see below:

MARCH BOOK CLUB: March 1 - 31, 2018

"Deaf Professionals & Designated Interpreters"

by: Peter Hauser

This month we explore an e-book that is available to read on everything from a laptop to a Nook.  It is available to rent for $5 for 30 days from Gallaudet Press. (link for purchase sent upon registration)  This is a priceless resource for interpreters working in the professional world.  Examining a wide range of professional situations (IT, art/design, medical, etc..) each chapters is authored by different Deaf professionals who discuss the role of interpreters in their fields.  This book outlines the differences between a professional interpreter, a preferred interpreter and a designated interpreter.  It describes and highlights the benefits of having a designated interpreter join the team with a Deaf professional, and informs us of the boundaries and special work involved in this unique relationship.

Registration open NOW through March 5, 2018

Upon registration, an invitation to join the closed Google Group will be sent to you along with the RID CEU paperwork.  Participants must purchase their own book (available at any book seller and/or local library of their choice).  

0.7 Professional Studies CEUs, or 7 clock hours.     /     Cost:  $82

All Book club selections earn RID Professional Studies CEUs.



April 2018: "DEAF IN JAPAN" By: Karen Nakamura