Mentorship for CEUs

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This is a project plans that set goals for a mentor to earn CEUs guiding a specific colleague interpreter (certified or pre-certified) to achieve a specific set of learning objectives.  These projects can be between a certified interpreter and a new ITP graduate intern, or between a certified interpreter and a Deaf mentor, or even between two certified interpreters to learn a new specialized interpreting skill.  The interpreters agree to work with each other, and the interpreter seeking CEUs signs up for this project to earn up to 2.0 Professional Studies CEUs, based on the amount of time spent together.   All mentorship projects and RID CEUs are overseen & administered by RID Sponsor: Ginevra Deianni.

How do I get started?

1) After you have found a protegee or mentor to work with, email Ginevra Deianni, RID Sponsor at to get started. Ginevra will send you the proper RID forms and get your activities set appropriately for RID approval.  She will then give you instructions for registration.  (Please note this process must take place before you begin working together).  Each mentoring relationship is approved separately as its own project. Each participant can earn CEUs for their work separately.  $90 CEU oversight and processing fee per project.